What can I do for you?

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A Study Plan of

Module 5 Unit 1 What can I do for you?

Class_______ Name__________Number______



Activity 2: Listen fill in the blanks. (抓取重要信息)

Mother’s Day is coming soon. Lingling and Betty would like to go shopping tomorrow____     . Lingling is gong to buy a ____   for her mother. Betty is gong to make a          for her mother. She needs to buy some___      , ___          and some lemons for it.

Activity 3: Listen and check( P).

What does Lingling buy?           What else do they buy?

     A scarf         sausages       lemons

     A dress         beef           bananas

     A T-shirt       beans           strawberries

 Activity 4: Read for detials.

    Dialogue 1:  In a clothes shop


What colour                at size            How much

A. Red              A. Small                   A.198

B. purple            B. Medium                 B.99

C. pink              C.Large                   C.108





In the market





How many do they buy?

How much are they?



Activity 5: try to buy a gift for your mother.

In a clothes shop

A:What can I do for you?

B:I’d like to buy… for my mum.

A:What colour does she like?


A:What size does she take?


A:How/What about…?

B:May I try it on?


B:How much is it /are they?


B:Ok! I’ll take it.

Activity 6: Buy a gift for yourself.

     In a supermarket

A: Can I help you?

B: I’d like …

A: How much is it/are they?

A: … yuan a kilo.

A: How much / many  would you like?

B:…kilo(s) please.

A:What else would you like?

B:...Here is the money.